Virtual Set Extension & AR

Combine real-life with the virtual world to create any scene imaginable

Virtual Set Extension and Augmented Reality (AR) combine real-life with the virtual world to create any set imaginable with real-time rendered visuals as convincing as the real thing.

Optically enlarge a studio with Augmented Reality, or create a Virtual Set beyond studio boundaries with virtual set extension to instantly change the look and feel of the set.

Create a virtual set beyond studio boundaries with Augmented Reality

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Virtual Set Extension

Utilize a virtual set to create a visually immersive environment in-camera with a minimum amount of space. This type of environment also lends itself to Augmented & Mixed Reality elements.  The presenter can interact in this virtual space to create some spectacular illusions. This simplified workflow can leverage existing backgrounds, as well as real-time rendered graphics and camera tracking.

Augmented Reality

NEP is a leading provider of Augmented Reality (AR) solutions that have the power to visually change the world inside your studio. By combining real life with virtual elements, our AR solutions can transform a confined area into an infinite space, or replace a green screen with any set imaginable to perfectly fit the content of your program.

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