Virtual Event Studio

Corporate events are about interacting with your audience. On stage, but also in the hallways and corridors, all managed from our ready-to-use studio. Have the option to add your branding to one of our pre-designed event stages or let us design a custom environment to make your event truly unique.


Real live audience

Through our unique live interaction functionality, people from the online audience can be streamed individually on the back screen. This enables the presenter to answer questions and engage in conversations face-to-face.

Audience is gathered as live video thumbnails in front of the stage in the live stream and shown on a large projection screen in the studio so the presenter can feel their presence. Attendees are able to see the complete audience, just like they would at a physical event.

  • Virtual Live Audience makes it a true live event
  • Custom landing page with networking features
  • Immersive presentation experience with LED wall and floor
  • Interact through video conferencing and social media
  • Livestream to all popular video platforms
  • Safely controlled by a small crew

Fully Immersed presentation

Our virtual studio goes beyond traditional green screen recording by adding a high-resolution LED wall and floor as a physical base. Your presenter therefore operates in front of a virtual background with your own company colors, resulting in higher quality and a more natural engagement for the presenter.


Interactive Event Lobby

You can welcome your guests in a virtual event venue. In this virtual environment, visitors can interact with each other by chat functionality, watch videos and download information prior to the show. Your products can be showcased in exhibition booths throughout the virtual venue.

Chat with other visitors in the event hall or during live events.
Visit virtual booths and play pre-recorded videos.
Information & Downloads
Offer informational panels with links to downloadable documents and other content.
Enter Live Event
Enter the live event stage and take your seat before the show starts.

Host your virtual event on our customizable stage with an interactive live audience

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