LED Stages

Utilize an LED Stage and create a visually immersive environment for talent, while using a minimum amount of space. This simplified workflow can leverage existing backgrounds, as well as real-time rendered graphics and camera tracking.


Benefits include:

  • Quick Deployment with Low Latency
  • Cost Effective and Efficient Space Utilization
  • Talent Seamlessly Interacts with Environment
  • Real-Time Rendered Graphics with Unlimited Scenes per shoot
  • Safe and Secure for Talent and Crew
  • Ideal for Streaming Events and Broadcast Integrations

XR Stage - Burbank, CA

Conveniently located near Hollywood Burbank Airport, our XR Stage in Burbank, CA features the latest gear to accommodate any production, including high-res LED, Brompton Processing, Disguise Servers, Stype Camera Tracking, and Notch & Unreal Engine real-time rendered graphics. From music performances, to dynamic keynote speeches, our on-site team will work to ensure your vision is realized to provide the most cutting edge content.


Flex Stage - Burbank, CA

Our Burbank studio also has a flexible performance space which offers an alternative option to the XR Stage. Complete with a dynamic fog & lighting package as well as our own programmable High Res LED, the Flex Stage offers a unique option that can be tailored to your needs.


XR Stage - Nashville, TN

Our Nashville stage provides an even larger canvas for immersive XR. Performers and on-air talent can walk on stage and immediately feel comfortable in the space, with minimal to no rehearsal required. This large stage is ideal for film, television, live events, remote virtual events, concerts, photography, and more. It is over 37’ wide by 20’ deep, with a resolution of more than 8,000 pixels, and 760 square feet of floor space.

Our turnkey solution includes set up, creative execution, and sending your event to stream or broadcast.

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