The Voice

NEP Sweetwater is always a Winner

For the past 17 seasons, NEP Sweetwater has provided technology solutions for one of television’s most beloved programs, NBC’s “The Voice”.

With episodes attracting nearly 10 million viewers, fans at home and in the studio are captivated by one of the most complex sets in live television, brought together by a variety of Sweetwater-provided gear.

Our invovlement includes a number of LED panels, Floor LED, Sceptron lighting elements, high-end processing and screen management systems, media servers, and a full service crew that is on-site day-to-day to ensure each televised event goes on air flawlessly.

The set has changed throughout the years, and we have been there every step of the way. Whether it is a mid-season set change from the Blind Auditions, to the Battle Rounds, or the Finales, Sweetwater’s versatility and adaptability are the key components to our proven track record, and has solidified one of our most valued and long-standing relationships.

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