Event Types

No one brings an event to life like NEP Sweetwater. Whether it's dazzling crowds at a music festival, bringing the stage to life on television, or driving your message home at corporate events and trade shows, we bring unparalleled experience, leading-edge technical savvy and approximately 40,000 square meters of worldwide LED to deliver the most dynamic solutions.


Television & Entertainment

NEP Sweetwater supports some of television’s most watched shows and live sets that captivate audiences at home and in the studio. With options that include brilliant LED and displays, including floor LED, sceptron lighting elements, and high-end processing and screen management systems, we’ll help you create a one-of-a-kind spectacle.

Major Broadcast Events

From championship games, to award shows and presidential inaugurations, we give everyone in your audience a front row seat to history in the making. We can creatively use LED panels and screen installations to create a stage like no other.

Corporate Events & Exhibits

Whether it’s an experiential marketing installation, corporate meeting, trade show exhibit, or product launch, we have the solution that stands out and grabs attention. We can provide an impressive LED build out powered by state-of-the-art media playback solutions to really drive your message home.

Outdoor Events & Experiences

We have the road-tested experience and show-stopping LED technology to make your outdoor production truly rock.

Outdoor experiences are all about fan engagement. Bring it to life with the brightest LED (even in daylight), or create opportunities for interaction with real-time rendered graphics, live social media feed integration, event messaging, wayfinding signs, and more.

Parties & Premieres

Have a product launch, movie premiere, or just want to throw an epic party? We can help you create an immersive visual experience like no other. We work closely with scenic design vendors and event planners to integrate our hi-res LED walls and displays, real-time rendered social graphics, and Augmented Reality to really bring it to life.

Make Your Next Event One To Remember