The Opposition and PageSix TV

The Opposition and PageSix TV
Comedy Central and New York Post
New York, NY


The Opposition and PageSix TV

One of the benefits of working with NEP Sweetwater is having access to a robust pool of engineering resources and technology through the NEP Worldwide Network. One of the best collaborative partnerships that exist in the NEP family is between NEP Studios and NEP Sweetwater in New York.  

With unique access to producers and designers who need to build space under the NEP Studios New York division, NEP is able to leverage its Live Events partnership through NEP Sweetwater to offer full scale LED solutions and on-camera HD projection builds.  And likewise, NEP Sweetwater can offer studio spaces for production needs.

The Opposition with Jorden Klepper and Page Six TV are two daily pop culture news programs that started with a blank slate in an empty studio, and has since transformed with the addition of various LED display technologies to boost the visual impact and creative design. A perfect example of the marriage between live event screen solutions and studio spaces, brought to you by NEP.

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